HYPOMNEMATA: Latest Paintings and Sculptures

Sept 8 – Oct  28, 2017

Laurence Lignel, waiting for the snack, oil on canvas  Laurence Lignel, Le seau - The bucket

Laurence Lignel, You and Me  Laurence Lignel, Jumble

Through a series of paintings and small sculptures, Laurence Lignel challenges the viewer about interactions and interconnectivity by exploring links between past and present, between what we hold onto and what has been lost, familiar and foreign, tangible and unseen, oneself and others.

“Hypomnemata” (from the Greek “supports de mémoire”).

Absence structures your life, disappearances mark out your history, and you are vulnerable to every tragedy, excessively conscious of the impermanence of life’s foundations and promises. Doubting faith, hoping for solace, wary of prescience, you draw comfort and relief in affirming the materiality of loss. You defeat reality by asserting existence, retaining memories, and hunting for signs and familiarity around you. You authenticate tangible traces of what once was.

Laurence Lignel initially graduated in marketing and advertising and worked for 15 years in advertising agencies in Paris, France. Concurrently, she pursued artistic explorations studying academic sculpture and oil painting in Paris, London and Chicago. For the last ten years, she has been exhibiting among different art communities in Chicago where she lives, and her work has found its way to Paris, London, Chicago, NYC, Honk Kong and Sydney.

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